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Gili Air is the closest gili island between three tiny island ( Gili Trawangan, Gili Air and Gili Meno ) to Lombok. It reach by 10 minutes from Bangsal to Gili Air.

It about a kilometer to the west from bangsal harbour, The closest Gili Island with fully with local people population from Bugis to Lombok people own the land, from the story before this island was so popular as same Senggigi booming as the best tourist destination but day by day the popularity move on to Gili Trawangan where the people going to. 

The thing that different thing than other two island :

One, this island most populated by local people not same like other island Gili Trawangan and Gili Meno, the people just stay for a while and out of there, most local population influence to the way the people manage this island

Two, Easy to find fresh water, Gili Air located closest to the Lombok make a big fortune that the people can get fresh water easily due to the pipe from Lombok was connected to Gili Air, fresh water is a big thing that can change the mind of people to stay on the island, this is not same like Gili Trawangan and Gili Meno.

Three, easy acces is the priority just take 10 minutes from Bangsal to Gili air that same like the time when you go to Gili Trawangan by speed boat, a guest most consider about the time on the way then the time for stay, they will chose the fastest then spend lot of time on the way.

Four, fish point was selected as a snorkling three island spot that operate by local company like gili bahari, private boat, gilis reservation and etc why this place has win as snorkling the best spot, fish point present the best fish community with many species of fish  with different color and one that very amazing that you can feeding fish with a little pieces of bread. 

Five, the local people contribution that very helpful, they protect this island more than other island, the trip and other tour were managed by local people as a part to heal the people and avoid unemployment, this thing can help the government to increase the personal  income.

Six, sunset moment was very nice ann sunrise too, many people capture the moment for the both moment with a very nice result with greet background cover it. Most of te people stay relax and enjoyfull while waiting for sunset moment, they want to find out the best spot to catch the different moment appear.

Seven, awik awik or local rule was so strong and must obey by all the people especially for local and visitor, like an example the people from other island can not catch the guest from Gili Air without any licence to allow sailing through Gili Air.

Eight, accomodation well manages strightly, out of shoreline and keep natural this means you can see the shoreline from main road without blocking by bar or restaurant, it a comfortable thing if the people can see the beach far from building side that worst for sight.

This an eight thing were so acurable to measure the capabality of your destination choice.

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