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Gili Trawangan is the biggest island between three tiny island on the north side of Lombok regency, every guest acknowledge with a place for young man especially for Australian guys, the island of party as call as island for young man with life no limit.


Gili Trawangan located on the street of Pemenang, under the Gili Island Village on the north lombok, it about 300 hectares and almost seven kilometers around.

Gili Trawangan island fully with palm trees inland with much cows farming that manage by local people as a part of life skill to continue their life circumstance.

How to reach Gili Trawangan

you can reach Gili Trawangan from Lombok mainland by slow boat from Bangsal to Gili Trawangan with price IDR 15.000 not including entrance fee (this price valid for 2015) and the price can be change every year depend to the term and condition of Gili Bahari Koperasi, the company who provide transportation from Bangsal to Three Gili.

You can reach the biggest island from Lombok mainland by regular boat, approximately take 20 minutes with normal boat under the 80 horse power machine capacity, the boat load approximately 30 passenger.

The office open start at 07.00 am to 04.00 pm and one procedure that very important that the company of Gili Bahari do not have running schedule but they work depend of passenger, when the people up to 30 people the boat will go.

Reach this island from Bali by fast boat which need 90 minutes to across from Bali mainland to Gili Trawangan, you can just spend money of IDR 250.000 to 500.000,- depend to fast boat class that you choose, they running with three different schedule as follows :
1. in the morning with time estimation arrival (ETA) in Gili Trawangan at 10.00 am.
2. In the middle day at 12.00
You can use the fast boat like Eka Jaya and Marina Srikandi
3. Afternoon time 

The last fast boat schedule in afternoon time, the guest may select this schedule to spend much time in Bali before they leave, the latest boat Scoots Fast boat, Eka Jaya fastboat and Marina Srikandi.

You can choose the time depend of your necessary.

Where to stay

Gili Island was popular as multi class island that accommodate from lower class until high class guest, do not to worry  about your budget expense, everything will provide as your budget.

1. Villa Ombak Sunset 

One of the best five star hotel with more than hundred rooms, It has long swimming pool and room fully with Balinese carving design from the doors, windows and ceilings.

The location on the west side of Gili Trawangan right in front of Bali Island or facing with mountain Agung Bali, this is the better place to see beautiful sunset.

2. Villa Grasia Resort and Spa

A boutique hotel which located on the north side of Gili Trawangan, it has 23 room, the quiet area far from central area made it a special choice for honeymoon and family for private condition.

It has a beautiful beach, restaurant beach view and snorkeling area right in front of hotel, khalik point that name which one of the best diving spot in Gili Island.

3. Kokomo villa

This hotel was provide for family which need private villa close to the central area, it located on the south side of Gili Trawangan it about 20 minutes from Gili Trawangan harbor.The facility is completely perfect for private vacation with family or a couple with private swimming pool and any facility support it.

4. Banana leaf bungalow

Many kind of bungalow established in this island to accommodate the travelers with lower budget, you just expense start from IDR 100.000 to 300.000 you can enjoy the facility with fan and breakfast include and sometimes they will provide AC with lower budget.

5. Kelapa Villa

This luxury villa located inland of the island is around 20 minutes from Gili Trawangan harbor by horse cart and 20 minutes 30 minutes by walk with natural road around. The location make it more privacy with palm tree surround it and the price was over and break my pocket is up to IDR 5.000.000,- wow but the price is marching with facility.

6. Almarik Villa

One of lotus hotel which provide the guest from Italy,  the location on the east side of Gili T it about 10 minutes from harbor. This hotel combined with Italian style as food pizza or spaghetti, the beach was very perfect right facing with Gili Meno turtle point.

Where to eat

Trawangan have many restaurant from local to western food are sell every step on central area main road

1. Scallywags or Beach House Restaurant

This restaurant provide barbecue on the beach with free salad bar take from long table and all seafood are fresh just bring from Lombok Mainland. They provide the best seafood and life cooking in front of you, you will know the process from step to step.

2. Kokomo Restaurant

The only one of dining restaurant in this island is Kokomo Restaurant, if you intent to diner here you should book in advance to block the sit. The location is not far from BBQ restaurant, you can teach this place by horse cart or bike.

3. Art Market 

One of the biggest local restaurant on this island, they provide Indonesian food ( Nasi Goreng, Mie Goreng, Chicken Sate and much more, the price as same as local price. The location in art market area which starting at 07.00 pm until 12.00 but during the day there is no activity on that place.

What to do

This island far from the city activity and located on the middle of the sea, make everything most privacy, what the best activity in this island :

1. Snorkeling 

If you see the crystal water in front, you will intend to do snorkeling with simple equipment, just hired mask, snorkel and fin for IDR 50.000 and you will see the amazing world under water. The best location for snorkeling right in front of horizontal Bar and Restaurant which facing to turtle point in Gili Meno, and other spot you can try in front of Villa Grasia Resort and Spa Which located on the north side of Gili T close to khalik point.

2. Diving

Gili island has more than 20 diving spot to visit it means that diving is one of the best activity in this island, herewith i will show you some diving company in this island : 

Blue Marlin dive
Villa Ombak Dive
Aquadiction Dive
Gili Dive
Big Bubble Dive
Lutwala Dive
Manggo Dive
Trawangan Dive
Manta Dive
Bee Dive

They offer some kind of diving under diving licence of PADI, Scuba Dive and SSI, PADI international diving licence is the best seller on Gili Island with four diving class to offer :

1. Open Water
2. Advance
3. Rescue
4. Dive Master

3. Fishing 

This activity you can do by boat that most attractive with the professional fishing guide accompany.

4. Biking

Look around the place where we stay make new experience, look around the whole accommodation, beach front and local people. This activity you can do by hire the bike for IDR 50,000 for one day.

5. Canoe

This activity very attractive when water condition slim without any wave embrace, the water is slim like road to across it. When the water on the slim condition you may do canoeing around Gili T which take an hour close to shoreline on beautiful white sandy beach accompanied with crystal water.

6. Sky Surfing
7. Surfing
8. Waters port
9. Kayak
10. Paddle Boat
11. Parasailing

Night Life

As same as i written before this island fully with party, night life, bar, cafe and restaurant it means you can arrange any special diner or special ceremony for night time. Many choice make it everything easy, make it dinner on the beach in some restaurant or drink some cocktail on the beach bar, everything is so simple in this island. Come and visit,,.....!!!

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