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Selong Belanak was not a regular name, Although the name is not regularly we hear but Selong Belanak is one of the most popular beach in Lombok, actually the last of 5 years a lot of tourist start to visit this place as new tourist destination due to the beautiful beach and the clean beach with natural view by the hill, another way this beach was managed carefully and high responsibility,  it has a beach with curve style as crescent moon gives a new attractive scenery added with a small hill surrounded it make it everything more perfect.

Selong Belanak located right facing with Indian ocean makes more beautiful view. Almost a quarter of beach are established as home by local people and a place where the boat landing that means this island is not good for water activity likes swimming, snorkeling or relaxing, but you do not to worry about that, there are some part of this beach free from local people activity, the location on the north side of this beach.

Selong Belanak Beach is large and clean that possible for us to do water activity like snorkeling, swimming, relaxing or sun bathing, this location was separates by local people to prepared especially for the tourist it means the local activity no bothering. 

With shallow water on the beach you can spend the time with your big family for swimming, snorkeling and you do not to worry about the big wave and hard current. You will be shown the simple life of the local people do fishing on middle of the sea in the morning and coming back in the afternoon time, his wife waiting for the fish to grill for diner as a main course and finally the kid will bring a big gallon which fully with drinking water from  source water to their home, a very simple to teach us how to life with simple thing but doing together.

As same like another beach in Lombok, there are not much people visit this beach on the regular day but you will find a lot of local people or tourist visit it when holiday time or weekend. For the guest who need a lonely, a quiet, a calm and tranquil place that the Selung Belanak is the best choice.

Although low of visitor, this beach still provide any warung, restaurant, public facility and boat for rent, if you feel hungry during the time that you stay on the beach, you can buy Indonesian culinary from local people there.

how to go

You can reach this place by car or motorcycle around 45 menutes from Lombok International Airport, the great view you can compare with Gili Trawangan ( the best tourist destination for 2015 in Lombok ) which one will be the best as your side thinking

This place that very easy to find due to the location is not far from main street of Kuta Area, Other ways you can reach this place by motorcycle.

Where to eat

This beach was surrounded with any restaurant and bar to supply any food necessary for visitor, other option you can try a traditional Lombok Food with small stall ( we call warung ) that operated by local people. One the best words that i will say selong belanak beach is the hidden paradise in Lombok. Selong Belanak is a part of 5 the best beach in Lombok


1. Swimming

Swimming in there was so amazing, no wave, no current make it everything so fantastic with shallow water and calm area, that a better thing to do with your family and kids

2. Snorkeling.

With a simple Snorkeling equipment you can see any fish although not so many kind of fish it has, you can hire it on the road side or some place close to the beach.

3. Surfing

Surfing area for beginner with waves almost one meters, it makes fantastic training and safe, close to this place you can hire surf board for 50.000 in a day use.

4. Photographer

Take picture on this area with a beautiful scenery will be a fabulous experience due to the location on the curve area, a small hill break the wave right in front of the beach make it the beach as a perfect destination.

The local people take a beautiful picture to make this beach as a place where you can make pre wedding background or wallpaper in their mobile or PC, 

Where to stay

Selung Belanak located on the other side where a place you can call the hidden paradise with a beautiful beach and amazing sunset view by the hill, Sampiak villa is the best hotel to stay due to the location on the top of the hill with a beautiful sunset and a great spot right facing to the white sandy beach.

The hotel was very recommend to stay especially for honeymoon couple or a guest who want calm place to stay, just spend your budget around 1.000.000,- up room per night you can get the best hotel facility with beach view room and sunset view.

Come and join to visit this place.

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