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Kuta Lombok is one of the best tourism destination in the South Lombok, it located 20 Minutes from Lombok International Airport (LOP) and one hour from Senggigi beach area.

Kuta Lombok was popular with pristine  sandy beach and green blue ocean water for the best snorkeling, the spectacular scenery from mountain surrounding make this area most popular then other side that will be the one of the best tourist destination in Indonesia.

Boat to Gili Island from Bali

The best beach in Kuta Area

Kuta beach was popular by surfer especially visit Gerupuk Beach where the best surfing area is, some of the surfer come from Australia next door country and young Japanese who stay for a long time to find the best wave to explore.

1. Kuta Beach

This a place where you can find a lot of accommodation for backpacker, home stay,  bungalow and cafe, this is a central activity of the guest barking on the beach while reading book. This a main place where the central of tourist activity, most of tourist necessary you may found here, from restaurant, bar, money changer, shop, and bungalows.

2. Seger beach

This place where the people of Central Lombok celebrate Bau nyale event, the story of putri Mandalika was record in that place with long story, the great statue aa the real witness of bau nyale event. One of the biggest five star hotel in this place is Novotel Kuta Lombok with accord management, it has more than hundred room to sell and long beach step to arrange any ceremony on the beach area but the beach haa low tide condition for long time on the day make it like dessert on the south.

3. Selung Belanak

Now this beach very popular with honeymoon couple, it located on the foot of the hill with white sandy beach facing to accommodation, sampiak new hotel was established for better stay on the top of the hill.

Sunset time are fabulous on the west side it born to shine the white place on Selong Belanak, relaxing on lounge chair with beautiful sunset witness your great ceremony for honeymoon.

It located around 12 kilometer to the west site, it has smooth sandy floor and a small waves embrace us that good for learn surfing for beginner.

4. Tanjung A'an

Snorkeling and swimming better on this place where you can find wind blow slowly and relaxing on lounge chair. For local people they spell Tanjung an without double "a".

In this place you will find the umbrella stone which the unique place to take a picture, on the story that the umbrella stone was created by the natural, you may take picture on the feet of umbrella for amazing experience.

5. Mawun

The classical place where calm and tranquil you found, on the way to go there you will see a lot of cows across the road under local operator.

The virgin beach never touch due to the location on long distance and far from other beach on the same shoreline.

How to go Kuta Lombok ?

You can reach this place from Lombok International Airport (BIL) by car or taxi around 20 minutes. 

For taxi with price of IDR 150.000 or for details you can see barometer on taxi digital price, the price was set depend to the how kilometers we reach is.

Private car will assist us with big spaces and air conditioner facility, the price around 150.000 with friendly assistance, this transport service you can find a lot on airport Lombok.

If you want reach the Kuta Beach by motorbike well provide, you can hire motorcycle with price 50.000 for one day time.

From Senggigi area you can reach by private car with around 200.000 and it take 1,5 hours by across Lombok International bypass road.

From Bangsal harbour you will spend 2 hours by pass Senggigi road while to see a spectacular scenery on senggigi beach.

Where to  stay in Kuta Lombok ?

1. Novotel Kuta

The pioneer of five star hotel that very recommend hotel with great facility and excellent hotel management. This hotel well-known with services quality and it serve you with white sandy beach a long side right in front of the hotel.  It located on seger beach where you can see Putri Mandalika statue as great Bau Nyale monument.

2. Sampiak hotel

The new hotel which located on the Selong Belanak beach, a beautiful sunset  disappear on red sky with great places to see that Selong Belanak place with incredible view, green blue ocean shine from surface of the water flash on your clear eyes. The private hotel villa very special for honeymoon couple with calmest situation and far from daily people activity.


1. Surfing

The guest explore the great activity to practice your adrenaline, walk and dance on the white board to follow where the wave bring and embrace your life on the water that the beautiful surfing. This activity you can in Gerupuk Beach where you can see a big wave almost 3 meters high, the current guest from Australian and japan, the guest call this place as Lombok Hawaii cause of the extremely wave to role it.

2. Horse Riding

This activity you can do in the afternoon when then get down and not burn your skin, ride horse well enjoy running on the shoreline while catch sunset time with beautiful view.

3. Visit Sade Village

A traditional lombok home was called "Lumbung" you can visit to explore the witness of history of Lombok People on long time ago. Another activity you can see the process how the people make Sarung which popular with name "songket" in sade village, the people well friendly to the guest and they gladly help you how to make a songket from raw material till ready to sell.

4. Shoping

For souvenir no worry, the Lombok island has a lot of handicraft as souvenir like songket, gerabah, keramik and etc that you can buy on kuta art market. The souvenir made by hand and they will be able to assist you to make new design as your order, so make your design and they will make it.

Where to Eat in Kuta Lombok ?

Some of big hotel like Novotel Kuta and sampiak serves lunch or diner for your stay actually with bar site where you can spend your time for drink cocktail, mock tail or any kind of spirit. Paradiso Restaurant on kuta beach which provide Indonesian culinary till western food with traditional restaurant design. Kuta is one of the best beach destination to visit by the guest.

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