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Trawangan is a protective island with 300 hectare square and populated with more than 100 family staying in the small island, as well we know that the island out of pollution, car and motor bike remove from this island to keep high value of the island for visitor.

As your visitor, how your contribute to keep the island clean to keep the Trawangan as the best tourism destination for next generation, if you thing this island enough for a generation only it means the people will take the potential product of the island then finished proudly, 

All the action, activity and license has controlled through Awik-Awik Gili Trawangan as a High Local Rule that should follows by the people who stay or make a business on the island, this valid for local persons or tourist for stay, you stay and you should follow the rule.

Gili Trawangan is a part of three island which located in the north side og Lombok Island with Tanjung as Capital City, a popular island with non motorize island

How can you reach this place from Lombok international airport, this is  the recently question that i had from some of my clients. follow this link to get information for Transportation from international airport to Gili Trawangan

Gili Trawangan Awik Awik was made to control the secure of the island and to control the business improvement for keep over population and over businessman, one of the best aiming for this rule to keep the people of Trawangan keep their business longer and professional. Here the thing that forbidden in the Gili Trawangan :

1. Stealing 

One of the scary rule that the people set in Gili Trawangan island is stealing with scary punish, the rules valid for local people and tourist also, if someone that found steal anything on this island they will be bring around the island with big sign that written " I am a thief " they will see by the people on the whole main road on shoreline, everybody watching and will remember your face.

How a big the punish is it, the leader of the island as shame the thief by showing on public watcher then they will bring out from the island and never allow to visit the island anymore.

This fact i have seen like the people showing on the picture, a tourist steal an iPhone and the people found him when they doing. 

2. Prostitution

Overall of tourism object fully with prostitution cause of a part of support facility but this not doing well in Gili Trawangan, the leader of island still handle strongly the Moslem right and rule, from this point you can see there is no local prostitution that allowed in this island.

Most Gili Island populated by Moslem people who stick the Moslem rule to the habitual life, this can be shown by 2 biggest mosque on this island that able to load thousand of Moslem.

3. Walk on Coral or Throw Ancer anywhere

Walking on coral reef that was forbidden cause kill the life circumstance of coral, this rule has makes to keep the life of coral reef, this rule pointing to the diving activity and snorkeling especially for under water activity.

Trawangan get the popularity from a beautiful world under water, they need contribute from the local or government to keep the world underwater, Boatman must throw the anker where the place was set up as boat place.

Gili Eco Trust is the one of company who keep care to coral as a place where the fish live and find a food, it work hard to avoid any activity that worst for coral, for other long contribution all the diving company have to pay the Gili Eco Trust invoice as the way the human contribute to nature.

4. Consume or sell drug

Approximately ten years ago the people in Gili Terawangan allow to consume any drug in the island, without any rule to stop it, but now everything different due to the government rule that want point is " consume or sell drug is crime " this make everything change on this island.

The biggest problem to differ between consumer and seller this the big home work for the police overcome, clarify and finish. And now enjoy your best holiday without consume any drugs that forbidden to consume like narcotics and any kind of that.

5. Do Not touch turtle

Turtle is one of the amazing life underwater, it was a natural life and stay cool on the water, this animal was so interesting for us to see the way it swim, eating on coral reef and stay cool though we come close to during our diving licence. The Gili island keep the turtle life circumstance by create turtle conservation that located right facing to meno wall in Gili Trawangan,

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