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Sunset is a great time to capture the nice sun view upon the time is, the photographer explore the best sunsets point to collect the best view as great background or wallpaper. 

5 thing that you shoul bring and prepare before take this moment :
One prepare a camera with high resolution to avoid blurry on picture catch, this moment are difficult and rarely to find then never lost this moment

Two bring your tripod to acces your spot video and fhoto most comfortable and focus, this capture need high focus to keep the monen catch right on the spot.

Three set your camera on manual for easy use while on capturing the picture, manual mode is easier for ti do zooming or onether option.

Four, if the place is a popular place to see sunset then find the other spot to differ your fhoto creation, give analogy that your spot must be different with other as your sign of your creation.

Five, you should come early to the place to prepare and find the better spot before the people using, the time before will be most plenty time to recognize and to imagine the higest quality picture to catch and different with other people fhoto,

Here the some place you can see the best sunset point : 

1. West of Gili Trawangan 

The biggest gili island that be the best place to see sunset view right facing to Agung Mountain Bali, all the guest waiting for the best sunset moment while drink some cocktails on lounges chair and drop swing to the water in.

The biggest hotel in this island provide a sunset music with yummy cocktail, Villa Ombak Sunset has a swing well put infront of beach restaurant.

For a better spot to view sunset on Gili Trawangan hill with around 30 meters high that possible to see the both exotics moment sunset and sunrise, take this moment on high place make it a perfect shot.

2. Top of Rinjani Mountain

As a part of trekking ending this place the best for see sunset, it about 3. 726 meters the sunset will look so close to embracing us. 

This place also has treeking action to catch sunrise on early morning although we just have 40 minutes to stay on the top due to capacity of oxygen and extreme temperatures. 

The moment sunset and sunrise will very excited in highest place in Lombok, on the west side view of Gunung Agung mountain well faboulous and the east side Gunung Tambora well refreshing your eyes.

The hardest of your effort to climb this mountain will getting paid by the best sunset and sunrise view on the top of the mountain

3. Pura Batu Bolong

This place presented very nice sunset view on the west Lombok with a different magical spot, this place located on the corner right facing to the sea much more like pura tanah lot in Bali. 

Batu bong means the hole of stone that you can check the natural place, the best spot you can find while behind this place with pura batu bolong as a background to show the exotic featuring natural high view picture.

4. Senggigi

Senggigi is the west side of Lombok mainland that the beatiful place to see sunset moment, the location was so gratefull on the west.

This place is a closest beach for a local people to enjoy the beach and sunset in Lombok.

5. Gili Air

This place has very nice sunset view scrolling on sea side of gili trawangan, although this place not as crowd as trawangan but the calm place and tranquil approach us while sunset time.

The calm waves and the voices of swallows bird singing to welcoming the dark night, this a pieces of heaven that was created, sunset on this places look very wonderfull and well served naturally.

5. Sire Beach

This beach not much hear but as like we know this place very wonderfull, it located on the north Lombok around 10 minutes fron Tanjung the capital city of North Lombok. 

Sunset moment well shot by three island background, you can imagine the subset slip down between 3 gilis present the red shadow to the sky above shining calm to the earth, well so faboulus.

6. Gili Nanggu

A small Gili as same like Gili meno, Gili Air and Gili Trawangan but this island has only 12,5 hectares and this is a protect island with good natural under water never touch, you can see the beach so close to the shoreline. 

A sunset point is one of the great moment you can see in this island, sunset well shining through this island with tranquil place, this island was issues that sold island by the business man from Jakarta and the government still clarify this issued.

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