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Mount Rinjani has 3.726 Meter high level from surface of water, it has the third highest mountain in Indonesia which over a various landscape and other moment to hold in. 
The Tropical Rinjani Mountain offer the best view over other like : 

- Dessert Point
- Waterfall Mayung Putih
- Sahara 
- Lake Segara Anak 
- Top of Summit Sunrise 
- Tropical Forest 
- Edelweis Flower 

From all of them, some of traveler focused to climb the Rinjani Mountain to reach the higher summit in Lombok

Rinjani erupted three further times on 23 May 2010 with activity continuing until 24 May 2010. According to the volcano’s official monitoring agency, ash from Mount Barujari was reported as rising up to 2 km into the atmosphere and damaged crops. Lava flowed into the caldera lake, pushing its temperature up from 21°C to 35°C, while smoke spread 12 km. The volcano did not directly threaten villagers during any of the eruptive activity in early 2010 however access to some sections of the Mountain was officially closed or restricted at some times.

Now and continue, Rinjani always be the best place to trekking with so many reason why ? which able to answer by all traveler which love it so much

The lower and mid levels of the mountain are quite heavily forested. Above the tree line though the slopes are barren and rugged scree slopes and volcanic rock. The views of the crater lake are quite breath-taking from the caldera rim, as is the sunrise. From the absolute peak you can see Bali to the west and Sumbawa to the east.

"Rinjani Mountain" 5 The Difficult Trek to Explore 

1. Step up Floor of Rinjani Mountain 

This kind of step you must prepare your self through, let see the picture details, the road like a stage hold by the rock, this step you may found out there in Rinjani Mountain which around 100 meters length to finish.   

It time to push your body up, spend more energy and sweat out like a pump water, hot and dehydrated, keep fully your bottle of water to keep step up. 
you need more exercise to keep your foot strong to survive your body weight and in fact this step was so hard for porter ( a people which bring your stuff and trekking tools and equipment ), step up the trek with more luggage on shoulder.

2. Step Down Track Over Rinjani

This kind of trek is a contrary with number 1, this place length to down approximately 150 meters, your body weight will push you down, keep your body stay on and walk down slowly to keep your step land to the rock straightly.

Fall down in this place effect to your body push to the rock and bloody, keep follow the instruction from your guide to get better performance and save more energy. 

The step will land to the rocks which has different distance on to each other, the rock has random location which push us to step slowly, if it too far then step you foot direct to ground which look strong and close to.

3. One Step to The Top

The way to the top summit surround by the road with sandy, your step will catch by the mouth of sandy around 30 centimeters and continue like that until you reach summit. 

The tool you may need here is a stick to bring up your body when step into the sandy, most of the trekking package reach the summit in the dawn time to catch the sunrise time. 
Bring your torch on your head to heading your step and find the best place to land your foots,

4. Jungle Smoothy Trek

The jungle area with tropical plant, there are many trees from left to the right and front to the back, and one thing will be focused on the step where fully with  mosses and the death tree break the step everywhere, small branch also the leafs. 

Most of traveler really enjoyed this kind of step because of the green leafs every where and the bird singing with nice voice like a song, some of animal like Lutung ( same as monkey but black color and long tail ).

Keep your step on the land then if you want take a picture, stop your step a moment while focus cause the death trees every can break your skin.

5. Road up to the Hill 

Road up the hill, the road come straight and curves like a snake, the son was very hot in this area then bring your sunblock to protect your skin from UV. burning skin is one of the thing that trekker bring home as souvenir in this area and a tired muscle will be the consequentially. 

Provide the stick to help your step and stay with your guide to help you for any necessary, if you need to take rest then ask your guide for the condition. a early information will help you for better trekking procedure to avoid any accident. 
This step quiet longer then other due to the location close after the rest area then we have save the energy to finish it as fast as we can.
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Hope the information can help traveler to prepare their self on the Rinjani Trekking and Avoid any unnecessary accident.

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