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Friday, 24 November 2017

Gili Gede, The Hidden Paradise in West Lombok

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Gili Gede is a small island located 500 meters to the northwest of Lombok Island. The island has a maximum length of 4 km. This island is the biggest island in sekotong area, in juni 1994 the island was ever held a cross race Gili Gede 10 km, on the island of Gili Gede there is a primary and middle school one roof (SPDT 13 West Lombok) and there are 4 mosque, in 2012 the island was legalized to be a part of archipelago village, covering Gili Gede, Gili Layar, and Gili Rengit, with a population of 1000 people 550 heads of family, Gili Gede has divide by 5 Small Village, there are Main Village we call Gili Gede or Pengametan, Tanjungan Village, Cenik Labuan Village, and Buccal Orong Village and most of the population are fishermen.

Transport Lombok Airport to Gili Gede

By way of administration of Gili Gede island is located in Gili Gede Indah Village, Sekotong Tengah Sub district, West Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara Province. According to information obtained from the head of Kades ( The Leader of Village ) who served at that time, namely the father of Farhan Gili Gede native of Makassar from Wira Selayar, due to DITII rebellion.

The meaning of Gili Gede is Big Village, on December 31, 2010 the village of Gili Gede was inaugurated which previously the island is still included in the administrative area of ​​Pelangan village. On this island there are 5 ( Small Village ) namely,

· Dusun (Small Village) Gendang Siang,
· Dusun (Small Village) Labuan Cenit,
· Orong Bukang (Small Village),
· Tanjungan ( Small Village ) and
· Dusun (Small Village) Gili Gede.

Gili Gede Island is in the status of the village area of ​​the Islands, for the island ownership status is the property of ulayat or customary rights, it's just that there are about 4 point island territory owned by private parties as well as foreign resort. But this benefits the citizens because some residents who become employees of the resort.

Gili Gede Island geographic coordinate position on the wwest side of Lombok Island with 317 Ha land. Gili Gede Island is the largest island owned by West Lombok regency. The boundary of Gili Gede Island in the north is bordered by Lombok Sea in the south bordering Pelangan Village Sea, to the west by the Sea of ​​Batu Putih Village and to the east by the Village Sea of ​​West Sekotong.

How to reach Gili Gede from Lombok ?

Accessibility to Gili Gede Island can be calculated starting from the airport located in Central Lombok to Mataram City about 30 minutes distance using land transportation.

From the city of Mataram to West Lombok regency can be reached with a distance of 20 minutes. Then from West Lombok to Sekotong Tengah District about 1 hour 30 minutes by land transportation.

To reach this island Gili Gede from Lombok International Airport Lombok which located on the Central Lombok, a vehicle will drop you to the west side of Lombok island passed Mataram the Capital city of Lombok and continue follow the road to the west to Sekotong beach where the Gili Gede is.

The Tawun harbor will be a destination for take a boat to Gili Gede, a slow wooden boat will sailing through Gili Gede Island for 20 Minutes length.

The road around the trip was reconstruction due to the tourism quality, just the trek was same like a mountain road, coming up and down.

How to reach Gili Gede from Bali ?

Several time of 2017, Gili Gede Island was so fabulous island. There are many tourist come to visit and enjoy the beautiful world under water.

The better way to visit this island from Bali by take a fastboat from Padangbai harbor in Bali continue sailing to Gili Gede, it take just 30 minutes from Bali to Gili Gede. One of the fastboat company serve the sailing to Gili Gede was Gili-Gili Fastboat .

You may take this service if you stay in Bali island, the short way to take the journey over 2 islands Lombok and Bali.

Gili Gede is not part of Gili Island like Gili Meno, Gili Air or Gili Trawangan cause the location was different, the 3 popular island it located on the south of Lombok under North Lombok regency.

Gili Gede has another small island neighbor namely Gili Layar, Gili Kedis, Gili Sudak and Gili Nanggu, those are have a beautiful scenery and was managed as one of our best tour package for explore world under water.

Population, Socio-Culture and Institutional

The population of Gili Gede Island is 1.380 people out of 438 heads of households with the percentage of women more. For the livelihood of the population as much as 80% fisherman and 20% cultivation fishermen. The religion of all the islanders are Moslem. The number of people who have elementary education 75%, junior high 10%, high school 10% and 5% lecture. There are 5 groups of fishermen on Gili Gede Island.

Coral Reefs in West Gili Gede

The location of West Gili Gede observation has clear waters in the water column with a distance of about 6 meters and visibility upward about 8 meters. The data is collected at a depth of 9 meters on the base water contours in the form of slope or sloping. The coral of this observation location is fringing reef, the current condition is moderate and faster at the end of the afternoon.

Substrates of water base at the observation location of West Gili Gede is dominated by Hard Coral or Coral Reef group. The condition of the coral reefs at this observation location is in the medium category because it has a percentage between 25% - 49.9%.

The second largest percentage is from the group (coral fracture) or in the form of coral fractures. While the third percentage was Soft Coral mainly from Genera. Biota (other) found mainly derived from groups of sea lilies.

Where to stay in this island ?

There are some small bungalows was established to fill the occupancy of the room during low and high season. As we know Gili Gede try to reach the high popularity as best island destination, it proven a big hospitality project was planned long time ago.

A huge hotel was established namely Kokomo Gili Gede, one of the biggest hotel to stay on, designed to accommodate for the people who respect a private property with a private villa design. This hotel good enough for honeymoon couple with lonely place to stay.

Kokomo Gili Gede

White sandy beach covered this hotel front accompany with a swimming pool with beach view right under the palm trees. It has a beautiful wooden jetty make be a classical place. The weather was different like in Lombok. The rainy season will come rarely due to small island, rain will come when the main rainy season was come down.

This hotel located in-front of the beach where you can spend long of your time to stay see the beautiful beach and let the wave embrace you. Lounge and lay down on the beach station will make every step of your holiday better, there are not much activity of the local people in this place just fishing and apply the order for snorkeling by slow wooden boat.

The most of activity in Gili Gede Island

A small island will over not much activity to do, just a little private activity then other island in mainland like Lombok or Bali. This place was missing a lot by the people who want escape from the crowded of the city and run a way from daily boring activity.

A family is the best choice for, the island present a beautiful white sandy beach to play over with a little slow wave to swim and play together.

1. Snorkeling of the island

Most of Gili Island was so famous with world under water, the coral reef and fish population will be the best view to show up. Hold the snorkeling stuff like masker, snorkel and fin and continue jump to the water cause the fish still come close to the edge beach.

Another option you can hire a boat for snorkeling to another island neighbor like Gili Nanggu or Gili Kedis with another view under water to show.

2. Visit Other Gilis ( Hoping Island )

This island mostly like another island in Lombok, they have another Gili to show and visit, to spend your time you can hire a boat to explore another island with your family especially Gili Kedis which very popular with island without man just a view white sandy beach scroll.

3. Lay down on the Beach

Stay on your hotel will make it boring, come open the door take a towel and order some glass of drink, a sunny weather will grab you to beach. Seat and a little smile to see the beach side with unforgettable view.

A little drink will accompany your beautiful day under the sun burned your back, sun light straight to the white sandy beach transformed to be a little pieces of pearl of the island,stay on your place until the sun comedown.

4. Look around the whole island

To see the island condition you should step out of your property, try to wake up after take a little coffee for your breakfast, step you foot to the beach and breath the fresh weather with clear oxygen.

The morning time where the local people starting for morning activity, you will feel very comfortable with friendly people who will say good morning to you every meet. Try for morning jogging to the whole island to get better health although the holiday with you on.

5. Catch the Sunset
Sunset moment will not exchangeable, the true moment will see under 6 PM where the all activity will close, the sun step down and hide from the beautiful paradise.

This time you can take the moment with camera under the Mount Agung Bali, you will see the sunset come down from the blue sky to the middle of Mount Agung – Bali and step by step we will lose the shadow of the sun and the night come rustly.

A little note about Gili Gede as your reference to visit the beautiful paradise island Lombok.

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