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There are many hiker come through Rinjani Mountain which has 3.726 meters lenght, it make all traveler want to defeat the summit, see all the view out there and get more photo experience in the best spot that ever seen before. 

A classical people say that "Rinjani is a Mountain with perfect view" all kind of tropical flora and fauna in Australia you will found out there. 
in every step you walk out there serve new experience. a hiker will take two kinds of Rinjani Tour Package which suitable for them.

5 Benefits you will have when take Rinjani Sharing Package 

1. New Connection, this group consist with 10 participants which has different culture, nationality, attitude, language, fitness level and other

Some people really understand about the new people is a new friend and new experience cause the social connection will affect to the way the people thinking, we will change our mindset when you meet new people.

Other experience from other people will help you to grow up in your life, cause the failed experience from the story of new connection will a something to avoid us to use the way it. 

The people with other culture and nationality will help you to know about their language, about the best culture and the popular one then finally the connection will be created without planning out. 

The way other people say hello, help you, asking a something will learn you about what the people do it is the way they do in their country "Learn by Action better then Learn by Text"

2. Low Budget, most of backpacker take this package to save more money to travel to the other world.

The price lower then other package, mostly we know that something private will higher then Sharing one from another thing like service level and equipment need. 

But you will never lose the experience to take sharing one cause we go to the same mission, defeat the summit and catch the sunrise. 

3. More Fun, new people with different culture will tell you another funny experience in their life long 

Fun is a way the people erased the boring moment on his trip, a very seriously people will push the body and energy to reach summit but do not enjoy the whole trip by catch every moment without lost every step in Rinjani Trekking. 

If the people love their job they will do anything with enjoyable strategy to avoid boring effect, we will not thing about summit only but enjoying the story from other friends, a kindness of speaking connection and new experience with funny action.

There are look so hard cause we are on the hot temperatures, keep humble and joking to close more and more then the time finish without any voice to ring, suddenly the summit already in your eyes shortly.


4. Team Work, on this package we will learn about team work and be a great team with the same mission "Summit Sunrise"

One friend will help another friend, one team will stay in the same mission that summit sunrise, how the team will work together. 

One leader is your Tour Guide, every statement will take by asking the whole 1about their opinion for those problem, as same as use the route, actually when we face the two routes what we choose for better. one people will chose first route and a second one will take another route.

That time for Tour Leader to take action what the best choice with many reason why like : 
- This step quiet hard then not suitable for other people which have low energy 
- This step too easy to passed
- Our friends of us need to evacuate soon 
- Etc

5. Learn about Life, every people will need one to each other that way the god create the human to know one and other from whole world 

 This kind of trip teach us about life with more people better to solve the problem come through, we live in this world do not stay alone, every low and high level in your life will not effect when you stay in a team, everybody need to keep hold tightly the mission however your position, if you hold the mission then you help another one to hold strongly.

5 Benefits you will have when take Rinjani Private Package 

1. High Service Quality 

The service quality will be more extra then sharing actually for 3 kind of service which a very standard and most necessary  for hiker : 

- Fully of Hiking Control, one guide will handle two hikers at least for get more information, more time and more accessible 

-  Fully of Consumption will an extra service that will never geting more in other package, the hiker able to book the food need before hiking then all tool and cooking will be prepared before trekking. 

- Fully Access to  Use another extra equipment like more pillow for sleep, the biggest tent, the best view for making tent

2. More Control for Hikers 

One guide and one Hiker or two hiker those are can make the trekking fully control on the way up or on the way back, every step and every spot can be explain fluently with just 2 person will hear about it in close position. 

Another kind of Control : 
- Body Control 
- Food and Beverage Control
- The hiker condition 
- Equipment Control 
- Tools Control 

Rinjani Trekking 2 Days 1 Night 

3. Flexible Time 

A hiker able to ask the time during trekking, if they want get more time or accelerate the time to reach another planning on, the time was so flexible depend to the term and condition, if the hiker feel very tired on the hike then they can stop for a while then continue till all back to normal. 

A hiker can stop and continue the trip for : 
- Take a Selfie Photo
- Take photo for panorama
- Take Rest
- Get Lunch Earlier 
- Getting Late Dinner 
- Take a Place for make Camping Tent
- Extra Service 
- Other else

Rinjani Trekking 3 Days 2 Night

4. Extra Food Serve 

In this package all kind of food can serve by the Rinjani Mountain Package although for some people will be a hard choice to do it on mountain where there is no cooking tools available out there, but a private can make some impossible to be possible : 

Some Food we Service : 
- Some Kinds of Spaghetti 
- Any kinds of Burger
- Fresh Fruit Salad 
- Fresh food 
- Any kind of Sandwiches 
- French Fries 
- From Indonesian food 
- Western Food 
- Oriental Food 
- Thai Food
- Breakfast 
- Lunch
- And Diner   
Drinking Service :  
- Fresh Juice
- Any kinds of coffe
- Any kinds of Tea  

5. Extra Time for Hikers and Tour Guide 

A new hiker will have much more question through Rinjani Mountain history and other to know more about what should they do for enjoying the trip.in every new animals and flowers the hikers can asked any time any moment caus one guide one hiker and sometimes 2 hiker and one guide. 

To get more information through Rinjani Mountain a hiker will need more information from tur guide by face to face and another topic will come step by step and fully control.

Hope the information will be base of your consideration when take the trip package depend to your necessary

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