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how to get gili island from seminyak, how to get gili island from bali

Seminyak is Bali’s most sophisticated and upscale beach resort area, where the top draws are its beautiful beaches and chilled-out vibes. Compared to the likes of Ubud, there’s not a huge number of things to see and do here, but there are some fun, family-friendly attractions to enjoy.

Despite humble beginnings, Seminyak is now a very modern part of Bali. Even so, among the glitz and glamour of the boutique shopping streets and fine-dining restaurants are some traditional touches like Petitenget Temple. If you’re looking for something to do between sunbathing sessions on some of Bali’s most beautiful beaches, you’ll find a good selection of distractions here.

Seminyak sits a little way along the coast from the famous Kuta Beach in Bali and provides a welcome alternative to its brasher and more crowded cousin. Seminyak has its own pretty beaches and there is a feeling of more space here as the crowds that descend on Kuta are not as prevalent in Seminyak. As Seminyak has a beach it also has some good surf and you can also rent a board here and ride the waves or just stick to swimming or sunbathing.

One of the main reasons to come to Seminyak is to enjoy not only the beach but also the amazing each bars and cafes that run along the coastlines and you will find a huge number of choices available which means that you will never go hungry or thirsty here. Many of the restaurants have foreign chefs in residence so if you want to try some fine dining then this is a great place to do it.

People also flock to Seminyak for its nightlife although it is a little tamer than neighboring Kuta. Whereas Kuta has a number of nightclubs, Seminyak is more focused on beach clubs where you can sip a drink with your feet in the sand, although there are also some clubs to be found in the area. As if all that wasn’t enough, Seminyak is also known for its shopping with some of the biggest names in Bali choosing to open up shop here. As such, you can walk along the main shopping arteries of this part of the island and shop until you drop.

5 Step to Gili Island from Seminyak

1. Book Fastboat Seminyak to Gili Island by online with us USD 30 per person one way 

Seminyak is one of the best destination in Bali, to travel from Seminyak to Gili island you have to book a fastboat which can fully control of you about the pick up time and another service which suitable for you. 

The fastboat should be have free pick up service in your hotel area in Seminyak to Decrease the money expense during your travel. if you compare the cost for travel with your self then travel with our shuttle pick up service you will surprise of it. save the money for another travel.
"Book Fastboat Below"

2. Please noted that we have free pick up in Seminyak 

After book fastboat by online then write on your booking that you take extra service Pick up in Seminyak, Write down your hotel name and time pick up depend to the fastboat schedule you choose for it. 

Before left your hotel, be carefully with your stuff, do not miss your something important in your hotel cause that can be change your mind for holiday to think for you stuff. 

3. Be ready when pick up as your choice ( 07.00 am or 10.00 am )

Enjoying the  situation in Seminyak will be a great time to enjoy your time, then hard for you to change your travel to another one with new situation, 

Pick up time at 07.00 that have benefit to have very clear water in the morning time then all the water situation was so familiar. 

Pick up time at 10.00, you can enjoy your breakfast time and another think that you never do it before in Seminyak, no rush time for pick up and you will no need to wake up in early morning. 
"Choose the time depend of your need"

4. Travel to Padangbai and Get in touch with fastboat 

Padangbai is a harbour where we take the fastboat, on that place you will wait on the restaurant where you can enjoy the time. 
All your luggage will be stamp out by the staff for easier to recognize your bag as our fastboat passenger and another of your hand will be ring by a bracelet.

Your luggage will bring by our porter through the boat then you just enjoy the time when your step to the boat without any heavy staff on your hand, keep you important thing in your hand like mobile or money for easy transaction of your during the way you have a deal with some friend or transfer the mobile number one to each other. 

5. Arrive in Gili Island then get your own transport to your hotel 

After Gili Island in your eyes then time for you to travel to your hotel destination, wait for a while until your bag bring down to the beach, take a little photo will be a great shot. 

After the bags come down then easier for you to recognize your hotel location, if the hotel close to the harbour of Gili Trawangan then Take a little walk to the street.

If you have a pick up service from hotel then wait for while until you find a person which has a Paging ( a board which written under your name ) then they will organizer your transport to the hotel where you stay for. 

Another, check your hotel location then you found that quiet far, it time for you to take a horse cart service which has a price which written on cart then no negotiate price, pay with the price which written on it. 

Then it time to enjoy the best place to relax and to see the best thing the god give to us. 

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