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Rinjani Mountain has any other condition with other mountain which has trekked by you all, every step will found new experience then follow some of our tips to trek Rinjani Mountain instead of make own tips.

Request trekking poles. 

Pole is the third foot for your then bring it as important as you can, when the both fell tired come through the summit, the poles will help you more.
We had never trekked with poles before but they were indispensable for this trip. They’ll help keep you upright through the sandy, slippery slopes and will save your knees after hours of steep descents.

Be prepared. 

The particular thing that the people never prepare his body, tools and other equipment when trekking but after on the Rinjani trekking area all small thing will be most important when you never find anywhere in Rinjani.
The trail will probably be harder than you think. Take your time, stopping every few steps to catch your breath if you need to. If you just keeping taking the next step and then the next, you will eventually make it to the top.

Be OK with not go summit

Summit is the aim of trekking but please check your body health and ask for your guide to check your condition, that suitable for continue or need to stop quickly. 
Don’t be ashamed to say “no” to the sunrise summit trek. Plenty of people don’t go up! If the first day nearly killed you, stay in your tent and rest. There is plenty of exciting hiking to come without risking injury or exhaustion just to see the summit.

Don’t get too cocky on the descent. 

The porter climb Rinjani like a holiday but think that the porter doing every day then do not try what they do, feel and handle the standard security trekking to avoid anything bad.

The trail down is steep and precarious. It’s easy to slip and fall and even easier to injure your knees. Just because the porters are running down the trail in flip-flops doesn’t mean you have to do it too!

Be respectful. 

Follow the all order from your tour guide to follow all thing, and be respect to your tour guide and porter cause they work for keep the better trekking for you all.

Try to stay aware on the trail, even when you’re exhausted. Let faster hikers go by you and always move over for porters. Remember, they are working while you are there for fun!

Don’t add to the Rinjani litter problem. 

It’s no secret that there is a lot of garbage on Mount Rinjani. Bring a zip-lock bag with you and please pack out your own toilet paper, baby wipes, cigarette butts and other personal garbage. If you want to do more, bring a garbage bag and pick up rubbish along the trail.

Please bring  all of your rubbish into your bag to be a green trekker and keep Rinjani Clean cause one thing that you do can ashamed the people who do not do it and educate another people to do what you do it. be a pioneer then let people follow you.

Do not pick Edelweiss Flower.

This kind of tips have been viral in Lombok when the beginner of trekker pick the edelweiss flower then bring them home, it was a be a big problem for the flower ecosystem.

Be Carefully When Selfie

In a story of news we found that one trekker have been make it selfie then he getting back slowly and he do not see what in behind finally he have been falling down.

Do not bored the animals out there 

Let monkey live with their wild life, just give them a little thing what you have only and please do not come close to cause some animal well fine to be a friend but another will be have another response without any predicted before.

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