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Rinjani Mountain National Park (TNGR) is one of the ecosystems with a type of mountain and savanna rainforest located on Lombok Island, West Nusa Tenggara. Even Mount Rinjani has a variety of flora and fauna.

besides, the panorama of the beauty of Rinjani Mountain also made the climbers dream of setting foot on the mountain which has a height of 3,726 meters above sea level. To be able to enjoy the natural scenery at the top of Mount Rinjani is not easy, you must prepare physically and mentally strong. Because to get to the top of Mount Rinjani, you have to climb more than 4 kilometers.

Additional the terrain is quite challenging and towering hills, it is expected that everyone who wants to set foot on the summit of Mount Rinjani prepare mentally and physically excellent. Besides being famous for its natural beauty, Mount Rinjani is very familiar with the local story which states that the Mountain is a palace that is a place to dwell the queen of the genie named Dewi Anjani.


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Regardless of whether or not the myth of Lombok's Mount Rinjani is true, this mountain tour holds the charm of an exotic and amazing nature. Because Mount Rinjani is one of the prettiest mountains in Indonesia, whose name has been famous to remote parts of the country and even the world.

This mountain beauty certainly cannot be separated from the existence of Segara Anak Lake which is located at an altitude of 2,008 m above sea level. This 1,100 ha lake edge is a favorite place for climbers to rest. Tourists or climbers can spend days camping and fishing in this area. The beauty of Dewi Anjani Palace was published by Bank Indonesia in 1998 to decorate one of the Rp 10,000 denominations.


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Mount Rinjani also has its own unique wonders. That is because Mount Rinjani is located in the imaginary transition zone, the Walcea Line, which separates flora and fauna into two parts. In this place the flora of Asia's tropical fauna meets with typical Australian flora and fauna. Kijang, rinjani civet, honey sucking bird, Lutung Budeng ( A Spesies Look Like Monkey ), Pangolin, are examples of fauna that can be found in this place.


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Mount Rinjani is also shrouded in a low mountain rainforest ecosystem, high mountain rainforest, to a vast savanna decorated with edelweiss. Because of that, Rinjani is also known as a mountain with 5-star climbing tracks because of the heterogeneity of its ecosystem.

Besides being the meeting place for the Walacea Line, Gunung Rinjani Pum is full of culture. Segara Anak Lake is a place sacred to them so that it is sometimes used as a place to pray on a full moon night by the people of Watu Telu or a place to offer offerings by Lombok Hindus. Although it has a different tradition, the two groups of people live with love and hold on to the philosophy of brotherhood.

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