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Gili Trawangan has born many job opportunity for local people, it has 1.700.000,- a regional monthly salary to improve income for a family life.

A Regional Standard Salary have to set by the business owner as a standard salary for the staff, the UMR will change every year and the owner hotel should follow the regional regulation to avoid the business block out.

Finally we talk about public, what the service they offer to us as a company which hold an economic service for the guest and local

1. Public Boat

Public boat is a majority of the service running everyday, the price 15.000,- rupiahs one way from Gili Trawangan to Bangsal lombok, they take 20 minutes ride under 40 till 100 HP machine to cover the sailing.

Buy the ticket on the office with quote 40 passenger on the boat, buy, wait and run those are the step we can do coz the ticket do not sell by booking in advance and not sell by online.

The ticket office open from 7 AM to 4 PM, to remind that you will share with other person on the boat, Material, guest Stuff and other else, a backpacker were love so much this transport due to they run slowly enough to catch the moment and step running on the seaside.

2. Hopping Boat

Hopping boat is the public boat design ecspecially for transport to Gili Air or Gili Meno, they running 2 times in a day
- 09 AM
- 03 PM

The hopping boat will load 40 - 60 passenger with biger boat then public one and drop the guest to Gili Meno then Gili Air, much people really do not understand the rute, the thing can visit the both island ( Meno and Gili Air but not, they visit Gili Meno drop the guest the go Gili Air for drop the guest too.

After 2.30 PM they pick the guest up then drop back to Gili Trawangan, this hooping boat good for :

- If you have hotel booked in other island you can use hopping to reduce the cost without return

- If you want to see or explore a gili island ( Meno or Air ) then you can back by afternoon

Use this service by visit ticketing office Gili Trawangan on central area with price of : 

- Gili Meno 35.000/pax
- Gili Air 40.000/pax

3. Speedboat 

The fastest service to other island and lombok you may choose as the people who care with speed.

The service running 2 times a day
- 09 AM
- 03 PM
They spend 10 minutes sailing from Trawangan to Bangsal with the rute for 3 spot first 1 ( Gili Meno ) continue to ( Gili Air ) and finally to Bangsal

Majority the passenger are hotel owner and the guest who has hurry flight in the rust time.

Follow this information to guide you to explore Gili Trawangan Lombok, share this information if you thing this usefull for the people

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