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Trawangan is the biggest island between   3 tiny island in north Lombok, it offer you a beautiful shiny sandy beach with crystal water inside. A million more visitor come to enjoy the exciting beach of Gili Trawangan without any comparative with another island, it keep naturalism and Eco friendly environment.

A business people wiĺl make the big plan to keep the tourist stay longer. They will spend the rest money to this island with natural beach front offer. Then the best activity that the guest may do during their stay :

1. Diving

Trawangan is the island that very famous with world under water, it wiĺl be a big reason why the people visit this island, Trawangan has more than 20 diving spot with difference view on each spot.
Diving is a choice the way you can see how beautiful world under water, some of the diving spot offer à beautiful scenery as same as shark point with white tip shark. Meno wall is a place you can see a lot of turtle and manta point you may see big manta.

2. Snorkeling

Snorkeling is a second way you can see a beautiful world under water focus on surface of the water. Prepare a snorkel and mask only and jump down to do blue water on Gili Trawangan.
Crystal water is reason why we can do snorkeling and blue coral promise colorful fish hide on it, another option you may do snorkeling three island by glass bottom boat, they will bring you to three spot :

A. Meno wall that a place that you can see a lot of turtles and every call this place with name " turtle point"

B. Air slope. This a place you may see blue coral on the reef side of gili air

C. Fish point, Colorful fish waiting for a pieces of breed from you all, Amazing place that possible for you for feeding fish with a breed. That is two kind of the  way you can enjoy and see a beautiful under water in gili trawangan island.

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  1. snorkling trip is amazing trip that you should do when you go to gili terawangan