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Boat to Gili Island is most question that i get from traveler who want to reach Gili Trawangan, by the way this question can be answer by Mr. Google but the client still ask me about this topic. as so many transport the people offer to the client who want to reach Gili Island Shortly but the only thing that what the best transportation should be take for. 

Boat to Lombok issued was hear several years ago that a company plan to create the shortest way to reach Gili Islang by water cruise, Starting from 2009 when I hear the information that Bali will provide the shortest way to reach Gili Island without to catch any flight through Lombok Island and now i saw a lot of fast boat company which provide transport from Bali to Gili Island.

How can we reach this transfer on Bali? Is it the fast boat company provide pick up service in Bali Area ? to answer the question i will provide step by step to order fast boat service with simple word to understand :

1. Please book a fast boat by us, please contact us by email or phone to find destination then we will give the detail information, after the payment issued, we will send the ticket through your email address.

Before you book any fast boat, you should be carefully due to many of tourist confused about their destination and additional service required. Make sure about additional service and timing those should be written on your ticket to avoid any miscommunication or misunderstanding between you and fast boat staff. All fast boat have a class depend to the price approach and facility provide is :

High class fast boat

The high class fast boat provided the best quality service and vip facility, there are some high class fast boat completely with destination to leave :

a. Blue water express

The pioneer of fastboat to Gili Island offer the best quality and that very hard to find a sit to reserve regarding with allotment to the productive travel agent book in advance for the sit, this fastboat company has a great popularity and nice service, it has two departure time from Serangan and Padangbai to cover the client depend to hotel service in Bali, if some client stay close to serangan they can take the serving according to Serangan harbour, but if they are close to Padangbai or want to spend a little time in Bali before they leaves, they can choose Padangbai as a second harbour to take fastboat to Gili Island.
Even this fast boat have 2 times running in the day from Serangan to Gili  Trawangan and Padangbai to Gili Trawangan but they have a lot of order to refuse due to the fully sit, the fastboat never doing overload and hand over the client to the other boat operator.  the price around IDR 600.000,- net one way for person, this price may be too high but the quality service and a professional staff make the money will be nothing than your save and comfortable you get.

b. Gili Gateway

This fastboat has one time departure from Serangan only, this the strongest blue water competitor, they still stick the route from Serangan although competitor change their road to find the potential customer, this fastboat offer free pick service in Bali area and Drop of to the South Bali.

The price is not much different with Blue water Express, another thing make this different about arrival time at 12.00 in Gili Island around 1.5 hour later than Blue Water express, finally this fastboat still be a good choice for VIP client to get better service and excellent Facility. 

c. Scoots fast boat

The Catamaran fast boat leaves from Padangbai to Lembongan and continue to Gili Island, they leaves in the afternoon time only, This boat has be the first boat provide transfer from Gili Trawangan to Lembongan or Bali to Lombongan, become the only one make good target marketing for this boat and finally this the better fastboat choice to use.
The price around IDR. 500.000. net one way per person, not much expensive than other

Regular Class

This fast boat category have departure time three or two time in a day, the qualification approach to price and service quality as below :

a. Marina srikandi

It has departure 3 times in a day from Padangbai to Gili Island, the price about IDR. 350.000 per person one way, this fastboat company try to catch the guest by time schedule that planning over the Gili Island and Bali.

The first schedule at 09.00 arrival in Gili Trawangan and they wanna get the client who want to catch any flight schedule or connecting flight in Bali, you can imagine how many tourist stay in Gili Trawangan and has early flight in midday.

The second schedule in midday as same as other company and the last one in the afternoon time around 03.00 pm in the afternoon, it schedule make to get any client who has latest flight in the Midnight but they want stay longer in Gili Island until afternoon time.

Price IDR 350.000,-

b. Eka Jaya

It has the same price as Marina Srikandi, departure time and place too, this is the strong Marina Srikandi Competitor but they have schedule to Lembongan Island, this boat is the only one that use aluminium instead of fiber glass, the biggest boat has running to load around 100 passenger on the boat  with high quality boat and great performance.

Price IDR 350.000,-

c. Gilicat Fastboat

Leaves one time in a day and is the real Australian fastboat design, The concept was inspired by the australian boat design to stay on the surface or the water, the only one fastboat that use the banana boat concept, stay on the surface of the water and running fast. the price of IDR 400.000,- net one way per person, but the price will be change on peak season.

d. Gili Gili fastboat, Wahana and Semaya

The new fastboat that running one time in a day to cover the guest from Main Harbour Padangbai, the price of this company around IDR 350.000 net one way per person, even they are new but the staff has much experience on sailing activity.

Some of the fastboat still operate the promotion price to grow the popularity and shown to public, this time for passenger to order any ticket based on promotion, for facility and other safety equipment available based on sailing standard, here the facility like :

  • LCD TV
  • Air Conditioner 
  • Audio 
  • Emergency Exit 
  • Cold Drink 
  • Fresh Towel 
  • sun deck ( available for some fastboat operator )

g. Kuda Hitam

The small fastboat design with around 20  passenger departure time from Amed Sea, a small boat design that cover the guest from East of Bali, on the map you can find that amed see look so close to Lombok island, this boat has operating long but not much passenger they can bring to Gili Island cause not much people go for holiday in East of Bali but most of them going to south of Bali.
The price around 300.000,-

2. If you have added additional pick up , please keep the timing and your ticket .

The driver will be pick up on hotel lobby area where you stay as timing agreement between you and fast boat company, do not miss to provide your ticket to the car driver to reconfirm your ticket, this the easy ways to recognize that you are the passenger of the boat, and do not  lose your ticket.

The driver will continue to drop you to the harbor where a place that you will catch your fast boat to Gili Island.

Some of the fast boat company provide free transfer in Bali area especially for north Bali like Kuta, Denpasar, Sanur, Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, and much more. 

For pick up service we will spend an hour from your hotel to the harbor ( padangbai or serangan ) the time depend to the hotel location.

3. Make registration on the office for boarding pass

Registration is one of the important think to do due to reason for a standard operational prochedure, make sure all passenger have reported.

After this process we will continue to wait till the time for sailing come over, you can take rest for a while on cafe, drink a coffee, browse an internet free WiFi where that fast boat company provide it as part of their service, you need to wait around 30 minutes.

4. Sailing with fast boat

Before you get in to the boat, make sure that all of your staff has brought to the fastboat, we will spend approximately 90 minutes from padangbai harbor to Gili Trawangan.
The fast boat porter staff will handle all of your stuff from fast boat to the land of Gili, so keep waiting on white sandy beach while see the beautiful island.

Please note : all the fast has additional free transfer pick up and drop off in hotel of south bali such us Jimbaran, Denpasar, Sanur, Serangan, Kuta, Nusa Dua and Ubud ( make sure that the additional service have been written on your ticket ), if not you will arrange the transport to your hotel by yourself absolutely you will spend more money.

Please Check The Regular Question Below :

How to Book This Service ?

Please Send us the list
Name :
How many persons :
Nationality :
Time Departure :
Hotel Pick up :
Time Request  :
After payment done, we will send the ticket details direct to your personal email address.

What Kind of Boat Service We Use ?

we will send the boat service on the ticket by confirmation the information details then you will be more understand about the service and the service priority you need.

What time  pick up service in Bali ?

Pick service depend to the boat departure
For boat leave at 11.00 AM it meant pick up service will be done at 6.30 - 07.00 in the morning time
For boat leave at 13.00 PM it meant pick up service will be done at 10.00 - 10.30 in the morning time

Any pick up service in Gili Island ?

I am sorry, We have no pick up service or drop off in Gili Island, if you need pick service you may contact your hotel stay to manage the transfer to hotel

What kind of payment you accept for ?

we accept Visa or Mastercard or Paypal

How Long The Sailing Service ?

We need 90 Minutes to accross from Padang Bai to Gili Island, another land transfer depend to the location where hotel stay.

Is it safe transport ?

All the fastboat company have been guarantee as Indonesian Standard Sailing Quality and International Equipment Service 

What about bad weather ?

We will not sailing if the weather not support to accross the sea, we pending sailing service for inconvenient cause.

Can we pay Deposit before ?

The ticket was same like flight ticket, you should pay the total price then the ticket will send to your personal email address.

More question which not written here, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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  1. Yeeeah is very nice place. I've visited Bali this winter. Once at evening I called the guys from EasyGili Com. In the morning they transfered us to Gili from hotel. The way tooks two hours at least. Gili is better place then Bali. There are awesome beaches, cheap bungalows and pretty cool diving. DIVING IS FCKNS AWESOME.

    1. thank for write a message in our blog, this pretty good information for the people who need fastboat as transportation to gili island, next maybe you can choose our service

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